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Can we purchase contact lenses off the shelf?
All of our lenses need to be fitted by a proffessional and are made to order. 
Does the actor need to have a fitting?
For us to be able to supply contact lenses in the UK we need a valid eye examination (which can be done by ourselves or elsewhere) and we need to carry out a sfx contact lens fitting (in most cases it is best if this is done by oursleves). The fitting takes approximately 1.5-2 hours where we check the health of the eyes and confirm the measurements of the lenses that will fit. At this appointment we can also help with design ideas and offer up different options.
What if my actor is abroad?
Depending on what part of the world the actor is based, we have over the years built many relations with Opticians who are in the same line of work and they can assist us with the fitting procedure, as can we for them if their actor is UK based.
How quickly can I get a pair of lenses?
After the fitting has been carried out, our general lead time is 2 weeks for handpainted lenses. On some instances we can have them rushed though at an extra charge.
Can a special effect contact lens have a prescription in it?
Yes, in most cases we can put a prescription on the lens which will allow the actor to be able to see whilst wearing the lenses. If their prescription is complicated we can put in a prescription which is enough for them to be able to work and get around comfortably.
Can the actor put the lenses in themselves?
There are instances where we are able to teach the actor how to put the lenses in and out on set; this is dependant on the size of the lenses and also the type of make up that they are in. 
Small diameter lenses (the ones that change the coloured part of the eye only) are easier for some actors to learn how to put in. The actor needs to be able to wash and dry their hands before inserting and removing the lenses. If their hands are covered in dirt/prosthetics/blood etc it is advised there is an Optician standing by on set. 
Large diameter lenses (where the design can go out over the whites of the eye) are more difficult to do, so we advise there is an Optician on set. 

How much will sfx lenses cost me?
All our lenses vary in price; it is dependant on the size and design required. You can call in and discuss this further with one of our team.


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